Why Investing in Rencana TTDI is Better than other commercial properties

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Ask any real estate expert why it is important to invest in commercial property. He will give you several reasons as to why investing in Rencana is better than investing elsewhere. It is because of the real value you will experience when investing in this property. It is, therefore, more beneficial to go for a commercial property in the first place when you decide to invest in properties. Here are some of the reasons that can make you secure a place in Rencana TTDI.

Constant Monthly Income

There is no guess work while investing in Rencana TTDI. The project presents a building that will turn into business immediately after rolling out. The truth of the matter is that most investors within the region are just waiting for the day the project will be launched and their businesses will be up and running.

There are three ways you will be able to earn by earning a stake in this building. First, you can run your personal business or own an office in the unit you buy. The advantage with Rencana TTDI is that you can run any type of business within the building. The project caters for the needs of all business people irrespective of the nature of the business you are running.

Rencana TTDI RoofThe second way of generating income from this project is by renting it out to other private investors. You understand that ownership of this project is limited to the Malay people. However, we have several India and China business people who wish to run their businesses in this building. You can get a nice unit and rent it out to one of them. You can be sure of getting a steady flow of income even if you took a loan to buy some units in the building. Business people who can’t buy these units will be fighting to rent them out to other business people who are interested in doing business from this royale.

Finally, if you think the risk is too high, you have an opportunity of leasing out this project to the investor. The investor is willing to lease the space back from you for two years at a rate of 6 percent per annum. This shows that Rencana TTDI is a risk-free project. In fact, you cannot compare the returns from Rencana TTDI to any other properties nearby.

High-Value Addition

The second reason that can make you think of owning a few units in Rencana TTDI is the value addition on the project. The market value of the project is likely to double once businesses start running. Imagine the place is not operational and the demand is this great. You can buy a unit and sell it at a double price even within the first year. This property will increase its value at a very high rate in the near future. In fact, it’s wise to secure a place in Rencana TTDI and the revenue you generate from the unit will assist you to invest in the new projects that will come later.


Building Tomorrow

Rencana TTDI Infinity Pool

Building Tomorrow – Rencana TTDI

What if you could go to work every day and feel as though you are staying in a 5-star hotel? That is precisely the feeling of owning office space in Rencana TTDI’s new office complex soon opening in the beautiful two-acre Malay reserve located in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When Rencana TTDI first announced this concept in 2014, there was lots of impatience on the part of prospective buyers. That is understandable. The building itself will be a thing of beauty, standing at a magnificent 13 stories high, with each office viewable from the outside.

They say people who work in glass buildings should not throw stones. This is true. However, no one says you cannot throw your weight around a little bit. That is exactly what the owners of these luxurious office spaces will feel like doing.

The developer of Rencana TTDI, Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd, had a vision of what it would be like to own a space where clients and even staff felt pampered and honored to be. The idea was to create a space where the idea of the same four walls spurs creativity, as opposed to apathy.

The Concept for Rencana TTDI

The concept of small office, flexible office space is not a new one. However, the concept of having the luxurious small office, flexible office space is. Not only are the offices opulently appointed, but the common areas within the building are anything but common. When staff and clients can take a swim, or work out, while at work, it may seem difficult to draw the line between business and pleasure. It is doubtful there will be complaints.

Rencana TTDI is making this opportunity available to Malay owners, and due to the uniqueness of these office spaces, the beauty of the building and the reserve, they will not last long.

The five-floor plans range in size and price to meet the budgetary and business size needs of business owners who want a space that will meet their needs as well as their wants. The building itself is quite a draw, but given the convenience of location, it is almost a dream come true.

Rencana TTDI Lowyat Latest Hot Topics

Clients can choose from the following depending upon their business size and needs.

  • Executive Suite- smallest office space is still large enough to get down to business with 472sqft; it is just right for the small business or a private office space.
  • Executive Duplex – is a step up in size and luxury, and is a space for that up and coming business with a roomy 875 sqft floor plan.
  • Deluxe Suite- with 1109sqft of luxury, there is no bounds to what can be accomplished, spacious enough to serve several staff cubicles.
  • Deluxe Duplex – is 1841 sqft divided between two floors of luxury and atmosphere that says to clients, we have arrived because we know the way.
  • Corporate Suite – 5425sqft, for that boss who knows his staff needs room to spread their wings.

o Starting at – RM282,000.

o Low Bookings fee fromRM1,000.

o For more flexibility, there is the Optional Tenancy Program.

Rencana TTDI wants to make this easy and seamless by offering a low entry fee, and no legal or sales purchase agreement fees. This is great for those just starting out, and the icing on the cake for those who have been in business for awhile.


Rencana TTDI – What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come with Rencana TTDI?

When CK East Group first began plans for an innovative office complex that would offer luxurious small office spaces for young up-and-coming businesses and larger more flexible spaces for established businesses, there was no way to predict obstacles along the way.

With the feel of a luxurious resort, employees will go from saying, “I work here” to “I work here!” That is exactly the feel of owning office space in Rencana TTDI, the new office complex soon opening in the beautiful two-acre Malay reserve located in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With the vision and perseverance of developer, Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd, Rencana TTDI is now ready to begin finalizing sales of these finely appointed suites. Perhaps the concept of having the workspace in a luxurious setting, with recreation as well as relaxation as a sidebar, seems a pipe dream to some; too good to be true. Well, it is good and it is true.

Endless Opportunities for Malay Owner


Rencana TTDI Dream Comes True

They say that time cures all that ails. Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd was not just sitting idly by while working out the logistics in their plans, instead, visions of how to make Rencana TTDI even more attractive, even more convenient, even more, affordable were in the works.

Now, Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd is excited to offer the opportunity of Suites, as in this exciting new complex exclusively to Malay owners. Ownership of office space gives a business an added edge, living and working in the same beautiful surroundings means never living on the edge. No more worries of leases being up, or the building being sold and having to move to a new location. Stability has its rewards.

With these spaces so affordable beginning at only RM282,000, with room bookings from RM1,000, and even an Optional Tenancy Program, there is truly no better or flexible means to having space as nicely appointed as Rencana TTDI.

Rencana TTDI Fit for Every Budget

When this building is finished and spaces begin to go, the ones left out will be wishing they had not delayed. For those thinking they cannot afford office space, with five-floor plans ranging in size and price to meet nearly every budget and business size, there is no reason to wait.

Clients can choose from the following depending upon their business size and needs.

  • Executive Suite- 472sq. ft. for the new or small business, or studio
  • Executive Duplex – at 875 sq. ft. Perfect for work or living space.
  • Deluxe Suite- a luxurious 1109 sq. ft., definitely room to grow in.
  • Deluxe Duplex – 1841 sq. ft. two floors of luxury and ambiance.
  • Corporate Suite–5425sq. ft., the finest Rencana TTDI has to offer.

To make ownership even better. The developer offers a low entry fee, with no legal or purchase agreement fees. Honestly, now is truly the time to make an offer on a space in the Rencana TTDI complex.

Owning space sometimes seems out of reach for young or new businesses owners. Owning office space in a building that combines the best of living and working is enviable, but is easily within reach of those who dare to achieve their dreams.

Why would anyone pass up the opportunity for ownership when for a low entry fee, and RM0 legal fees, and RM0 sales purchase agreement, they can be on their way to building their business and client base in the latest innovation in office space?

These units will start selling fast. Now is the time to get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Space That Works

Rencana @ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

The developers of Rencana TTDI have announced this innovative multi-use complex is now at piling stage. The news of this new office complex was met with much excitement with young business owners eager to make their offers for their own small, flexible office space. With any construction project, there are bound to be obstacles, and Rencana TTDI is excited to announce that they have overcome these and are ready to begin offering this luxurious and affordably priced office spaces for sale to Malay owners.

Someone once said that good things do come to those who wait. Rencana TTDI certainly wants their new owners to believe that with a certainty. On the beautiful two-acre Malay reserve in Taman Tun Dr Ismail TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this office complex is not only located with a convenient commute in mind, but it is also mere minutes from convenient shopping and restaurants.

Rencana TTDI developer, Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd

Rencana TTDI developer, Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd, exercised not only great vision and creativity with this complex concept and design but also patience. There is a certain sentiment that goes along with seeing something once only seen on paper become a thing of reality as far as it’s concerned.

This office complex is the wave of the future and will change how people perceive going to the office. Work does not have to be a place one reluctantly goes each day to earn a paycheck, it can be a place where people can be at their creative best. That is the reason for not only the luxurious appointments, but also areas for recreation, relaxation, and revival of mind, body, and spirit.

Work surroundings are every bit as important as the home environment. For many, work is that home away from home. With luxurious spaces to meet the needs of those young techies that are developing the latest in software programs, to the attorney that is looking for offices where clients can feel at ease, Rencana TTDI, is exactly the space needed to accomplish those goals.

With technology changing the way people work and live, it is important to be able to keep up and to move fast. With opulent and affordability rolled into one, the telecommute could become a thing of the past. When creative minds have space to work together, there is no end to the possibilities. For this reason, these luxurious spaces begin at an affordable RM282,000, with room bookings from RM1,000, and even an Optional Tenancy Program, there is truly no better or flexible means to having space as nicely appointed as Rencana TTDI is making available.

Clients can choose from the following depending upon their business size and needs.

Info about Rencana TTDI

• Executive Suite- smallest office at 472sqft, perfect for the large private office or small business.

• Executive Duplex – 875 sqft of luxury.

• Deluxe Suite- 1109sqft, and room to grow.

• Deluxe Duplex – 1841sqft; two floors of luxurious space.

• Corporate Suite–5425sqft, for the room for creativity to flow.

With a low entry fee, with no legal or purchase agreement fees, Rencana TTDI is truly simplifying office space ownership.